Tuesday, September 2, 2014


What happened to summer?  I can't believe that once again I am sitting here posting about autumn weather and that lazy feeling that seems to arrive with the cooler weather.

It seems like the birds were just arriving!

I can't complain about the summer at all this year. We had a beautiful summer here in central Wisconsin.  A few hot humid weeks, but all in all not bad at all.

I had a good summer.  We went up north into upper Michigan the beginning of summer and stayed with friends.  It was a good time and we went into the neatest sculpture park. It was created by a local man and he has the neatest metal figures!  It is free to drive through.  You can leave a donation if you choose.  It is outside of Autrain, MI.

I also entered a quilt in the local end of summer festival here in Wautoma called AugustFest.  I won first place in my division!

Of course I have been busy sewing and knitting!  I have made quite a few autumn and Christmas items that can found in my shop.  Here are just a few:

Scrappy Christmas Pillow

Deep Red Afghan Thick, Soft and Warm

Autumn Table Topper w/Wool Leaves and Acorns

I can only hope that we have a long, warm autumn.  The Farmers almanac is predicting very cold and very snowy again this winter.  I don't know if I can stand a repeat of last year.  If that happens, I am getting out of here and heading south for awhile!

So whether we want it or not, Mother Nature is going to be back with cold weather.  I hope you all had a wonderful summer and will have a great autumn!  Until next time God bless and hope your days are filled with love and laughter and good health.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

July is almost over!

Hi everyone!  Well July is near its end. I can't believe it is almost over.  Moving into August I start thinking about winter projects.  I know no one wants to hear about winter and neither do I, however, for my shop customers start looking for those Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas items.

I have had a winter fabric in my stash for some time and have wanted to do something with it.  It is just a white and blue fabric with a winter scene.  It is vintage themed children playing in the snow.

The white and blue is so clean and crisp. It is one of my favorite combination.

I cut the focal fabric into a 13 x 13 square and then added a coordinating 1 inch piece of fabric and another 3 inch piece of white with blue polka dots.  Just a simple combination as I want the focal fabric to be just that.

I will be using my favorite thread which is Aurifil to quilt these place mats.  A simple crosshatch pattern will give them texture but not take away from the print.

The binding will be the same fabric as the thinner inner border and the backing fabric is a Debbie Mumm crackled blue fabric.  

 These should be really a cute addition to someone's table for the winter season!

Happy Quilting.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Winter Table Runner in the Making

Today I started to work on a winter table runner.  I know, I know, no one wants to think about that just yet, but since the 4th of July is over, it is now time to start working on those fall and winter items.

I love snowmen, so of course a snowman table runner is on my sewing table.

A large chevron runs through the length of the runner in a fabric that coordinates with the border fabric.

I pulled the green from the focal fabric to make the inner border.

After it is sewn together, I am going to applique wool mittens scattered across the surface in a red and blue green wool.

I will post more pics as I progress.

Till next time.  Happy quilting!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Making of a Patriotic Art Quilt

About a week ago I started on a project which I thought was going to be a patriotic table runner for the 4th of July holiday.  I used my favorite paper foundation technique and sewed this pretty star block.

My plan was to sew 6 of these and then sew them into a table runner.  I was going through my stash to find some coordinating fabrics and ran across a leftover block from a panel by Sandy Gervais and this changed my whole plan.

I decided to make an art quilt. I made one a few years ago and it sold in my shop, so I thought it was time for another one!

I auditioned numerous fabrics and then started making filler blocks.  I started with the center panel first. 
I placed the sailor block next to the star block and had to fill in the open space so chose to use a star fabric.  I placed a plain piece in also as I wanted to add some wording. Then I constructed a flying geese block to finish out the center section.

For the very top row I constructed a flag.

Now onto the bottom.  I had a section of red and white stripes I thought I was going to use for the flag but didn't so I used it in the bottom and cut a large wool star to place in the middle.  I sewed a flying geese strip to sit next to it.

I originally was going to put another plain strip next to the flying geese block with the words "Freedom", but once I had them cut and ran them vertically in the space I just didn't like the looks of it so decided to add three smaller red stars. This was much better.

To finish out the space I sewed two 4 patch blocks.

Today I pieced it all together and started to quilt.  I am using some machine quilting and some hand quilting. I will also embellish with buttons and who knows what else. I never quite know where a project is going to take me.

I hope to finish this up in the next few days.  I always love putting on the binding as it changes the whole look and makes it all nice and neat.

Hope you enjoyed this walk through of the making of my patriotic art quilt.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I have had my shop Twisted Sticks on Etsy now for a little over 3 years.  I have enjoyed so much making beautiful home dec and personal items for my customers.  It has been a true joy and pleasure creating, whether it be a custom item or an item I have made and placed in my shop.

I have had great feedback and have sold 178 items.  Something I never would have thought I would have accomplished when I first started this journey.

Over the last year I have been a little discouraged with the changes in Etsy and the opening up to more resellers and manufactured items.  I feel they are losing the original hand crafted ideal.  I feel I am getting lost in the shuffle.

In order to try and reach more customers I am also starting a shop on IndieMade.  I will be selling the same high quality, one of a kind home dec and personal items.  I will also do custom work if contacted.  I look forward to this new endeavor.  I love what I do and hope to be able to continue spreading my hand crafted unique fabric creations far and wide.

This site enables me to be able to do so much more with linking to my blog and adding personal touches to my shop site.  I will be adding new items and working to set it up just right!

Please stop by and check out my shop.


Till next time!